Eddy Lonergan

Grew up between Holland and Ireland which are two of the most beautiful and vibrant locations on the planet. I have travelled our amazing planet meeting and working with some of the world’s best and most talented people.
My first camera was a black and white Cannon given to me by my mother when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I remember the joy of hearing that solid click of the shutter, the feeling of capturing a moment and holding onto it forever. I quickly moved on to more complex cameras and also discovered Art. I attended the Van Gogh High school and later the prestigious Amsterdam University. Learning was my passion.
I have spent decades developing my Art and learning new techniques. Every single day in nature or an urban environment there is beauty and innovation. Photography and videography are about connection and communication. I want the person viewing the work to feel involved, a connected part of what they see and not simply a voyeur. I want you to be a part of the work, to feel the emotion whether that is amazement, joy, sorrow or laughter.
I believe that everything we do should be to the highest standard. I am not embarrassed to be a perfectionist. Sometimes that is achieved in the first shot and sometimes it is hours of work but as they say, good enough never is! I want the best for me, for the person looking at my work and for my clients.
Frederick Knight
My journey with photography & Video has been quite natural and has grown into a passion of mine. I have learnt that its not just taking pictures of taking video, it is the story you can convey through a photo or a video. I first started making content in and around the underground bike scene here in London. After meeting my COLLEAGUE and business partner Eddy we then put both our skills together & fast forward a year later we are now on this journey with TimesMayfair and our incredible team.  

Ever since then making content in all it’s glory has been my thing and diving deeper into all aspects of the space has encapsulated me.  I like the fact that I can share my own memories through my photos and also share memories I have made for others too.
Phill Hay
I am a UK based automotive, motorsport and outdoor photographer. With a large range of experience in a variety of environments from studios to motorsport circuits, mountain edges to a few inches above the road at high speed, I can creatively and technically produce high quality images across a range of different photography techniques to produce a final set of images to meet any brief, bringing clients visions to life. My aim is to create inspiring and dynamic images that can tell a story and convey feeling.
Artie Chatzikonstantinou
Since first going to a race track with a small compact camera in 2021, I have wanted to get the most out of every race weekend or car meet I photograph. I used 2022 and the start of 2023 to travel around the uk and even a trip to Europe to photograph some of the best racing series in the country as well as traveling to various car shows and meets to capture the passion and insane cars of the car community. I have consistently been finding new ways to improve my photography alongside working for various high level race teams, sponsors and drivers as well as even getting the opportunity to photograph a track day for an automotive brand.